"Be my Valentine"

Saying I love you is a little bit easier when everybody is doing it. Hearing it gives a very disillusioning holiday a little more heart. 2013 marks the second February that Pocket Productions has bathed the city in free valentines. This year had an important twist on a new tradition, though.

Over the course of several weeks, artists and non-artists alike submitted their doodles of hearts to Pocket Productions. "Like love, the lucky hearts will be chosen at random," stated the call for doodlers. Well, we chose them all. On Valentines Day, the local coffee shops in Columbia donned free cards with each of the doodles printed on them. Thank you to everyone who participated either through doodling, giving, or feeling good as a result of this heart warming project. Everyone who wanted a little extra love in the form of a free valentine printed by Pocket Productions received a card that reminded the recipient, "you are loved."